Female Empowerment

I’ve been a on a women’s leadership retreat this weekend and it was AMAZING. I didn’t expect to learn so much from so many empowering women. We learned about Equal Pay, Empathetic Communication, Self-Defense and so much more. The self defense class especially made me happy with my Tae Kwon Do background. Also I just love throwing people around lol. We learned about Intersectional Feminism which I didn’t know a ton about beforehand so #education. It was amazing to be surrounded by some of my favorite women and meet new amazing women to add to my circle. It’s hard to make friends sometimes but opportunities like this make it so much easier and less awkward for an already awkward girl AKA meeee. Idk how this whole blogging thing works but it’s fun to type all this out and post it for others to possibly relate to! Yayayayayay byee


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