A new old love

Fun fact about me, I’ve been writing songs for the past 3 or so years on and off. I haven’t written a new song probably since I go to college in the fall. I didn’t even realize how much I missed it until I spontaneously started writing down lyrics at work the other day. It was like inspiration just struck me then and their and I had to write it down. It’s definitely not even close to finished since I’m a busy college student with no concept of free time (lol) but that wasn’t the point for me.

Revisiting something that I love so much and brings me so much peace really helped recenter me. College is hard sometimes and can really bring you down. Reconnecting with songwriting really put things in perspective for me and helped me refocus my energy into something that doesn’t stress me out and make me wanna rip out all my hairs.

I think the lovely things in life are those little things you can always revisit and that make you as happy each time as they did that first time you did it. For me that’s songwriting. My new old love.


6 thoughts on “A new old love

      1. Ohhh sure, I get that!
        You could just get a Soundcloud account and just link it to the song
        Wordpress has good embedding functions 😀
        Or you could start each song by announcing that you own all rights to the song and copyright violators will be prosecuted ;p

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