Massages are Amazing

I had my first massage last week and lemme tell youuuuu. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced in my 18 years on this Earth. Like no exaggeration my soul was revived I am a new woman. It’s like I’m a Phoenix rising from the ashes taking on my new life. Except I am the same person and college is still super rough but I’m choosing to ignore that because I am still feeling #blessed from that massage.

I don’t know if you (the humanoid that is reading this currently) have ever experienced the magic that is a massage, but I suggest you hop aboard that train ASAP choo chooooo!

Lol I am so goofy right now. Antyways back on topic. Massages are amazing especially for aggressively stressed and overwhelmed college students like ya girl right heree. I was going through a really rough time last week and having a solid hour where I didn’t have to think about everything I have due or have to do was a breath of fresh air. It felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders (or maybe it was just the knots built up from centuries of stress) and I could finally breathe. Afterwards I could put everything in perspective and actually plan out effectively what my next course of action would be. Lol I sound like a spy.

Okay I’m gonna end it here with massages are great and 10/10 recommend and I am a happy bean todayyyy okay byeeeeeee!


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