So in 4 days (this friday) I will be on a plane heading to Chester, England. I’m studying abroad for 3 months this semester and it’s safe to say I’m severely freaking out. Don’t get me wrong I’m so excited to go I literally have a countdown app and find myself counting down the seconds until I get on that plane. It’s just all the unknown, ya know? All the things that could go wrong at the airport, or with my luggage. Or even just getting there and functioning like a semi-independent human for 3 months. I’m not scared just anxious. These experiences are going to be some of the best of my whole life and I just don’t want my over thinking and anxiety to ruin it. I’ve been practicing somethings my therapist told me about to remember my trip and live in the moment. Everyday when I take my nephpup (yes i combined nephew and pup get over it) on a walk I try to take in a sight a smell and a sound. It really helps me organize those moments in my memory. My sensation memories are crazy strong so hopefully this will help my undiagnosed but aggressively annoying constant memory loss. She also told me to write emails to my mom everyday recounting the day before while I’m on my trip. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna do that or not but I definitely hope I can at least write in my journal or upload to this blog some of my everyday thoughts and antics. But definitely not making any promises for myself to keep. We know how that goes. (thats a subtweet towards my last post go read it). Anyways I forgot how much I love writing and hopefully this writing bug lasts more than 5 minutes because I am loving this feeling.


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